Fiery Feeds 2.10.4




  • Deleting feeds, folders no longer requires Pro
  • Changed rename icon in context menu [iOS]
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Added a minimum sync interval of 3 hrs [InoReader]
  • Limited number of synced articles [InoReader]
  • Limited number of synced articles/searches [InoReader]


  • Improved localisation
  • No longer appends a newline to the title in URL and Mail actions
  • Fixed displaying Hot link in 2 pane mode
  • Fixed an issue showing the wrong list type (saved/unread/all) after launch
  • Errors on updating feeds are handled less strict [NextCloud News]
  • Fixed being unable to reorder toolbar items from context menu [macOS]
  • Fixed potential crash when syncing with FreshRSS