Focused on visionOS



Version 1.4 brings native visionOS support to Focused. It is still more or less the same app as the iPad version, but there’s only so much one can do with a todo app in space. It does fit in a lot better though.

Onboarding and Tutorial

I’ve reworked the app’s onboarding, instead of one screen with a personal explanation of the app – and just too much text for a single screen, if we’re honest – there are now a couple of screen explaining each aspect, and letting the user configure the most important settings, like the number of daily tasks directly before launching into the app the first time.

Additionally the app will create an optional Tutorial project with a couple of tasks explaining how to use the app during the onboarding.


The task archive also received a few changes. Instead of just showing the done tasks, the archive is now a wholly separate database which should keep the performance up, even after using the app for a long time.

Tasks will be automatically archived, a configurable amount of time after they’re done. By default it’s three months for tasks in the calendar and 1 done for unscheduled tasks.