Fiery Feeds 2.5.10




  • Setting “unread counts in all articles mode”
  • Enabled small widget for single articles
  • New setting: scale preview images to fit
  • Cleaned up settings, more non-expert settings
  • Expert settings can be enabled in general
  • Expert setting to change the widget article pool size
  • Smart views can now be selected as source in widgets
  • Multi article widgets now also have an update interval
  • TTRSS now updates existing articles, if News+ is disabled
  • Added x-callback-url to synchronize specific accounts


  • Fixed fiery://openAccount/ url scheme
  • Improved scrolling with the space shortcut
  • The option “On Demand Image Loading”: “Never” now correctly prevents images in the article list as well
  • Correctly update the article meta label in the list on starring an article
  • Fixed showing theme directory when only manually toggle theme is enabled
  • Larger multi article widget not shows the first 8 articles properly [iOS]
  • Trims whitespaces at the beginning of the article title
  • Properly dismisses read later dialog after adding
  • Improved The Old Reader authorisation logic
  • More reliable sync rotation animation

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