One step at a time…

Limited Tasks

Focused only allows a limited number of tasks per day, so you don’t get overwhelmed, and can defer other tasks to days, that are not filled with tasks yet.

Easy rescheduling

You can easily reschedule your tasks by drag and drop in month, week and list views.

Task Groups

Color-coded task groups keep the areas of your life separated and help give you a quick view what you’re working on most.

Widgets & Shortcuts

Homescreen, Lockscreen, Deskop Widgets, Shortcuts on the app icon, and reminder notifications, so you never miss a task.

iCloud Sync

Everything is securely kept in sync across your iPhone, iPad and Mac using iCloud.

Defer to free Days

When life gets in the way, you can defer tasks to the next day, that is not yet filled with tasks.

Automatic Deferal

Tasks can be automatically defered if they are still unfinished at the end of the day.

App Intents

Add tasks, modify tasks, or get a list of tasks for a specific date using

Menubar Item

Quick access to today’s tasks right in the menubar on macOS

Universal App

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