Fiery Feeds 2.4.3




  • Global search now also searches feed title and author
  • Support for Apple Silicon [macOS]


  • Fixed changing presets
  • Minor performance improvements in feed list [iOS]
  • No longer syncs the hide toolbars on scroll setting from iOS (if importing settings from iCloud) [macOS]
  • Minimum sync interval setting is no longer an expert setting
  • Minor performance improvements in feed list [macOS]
  • Fixed duplicate date label in article view
  • Fixed “Save page” safari extension
  • Fixed potential low res images in image viewer
  • Fixed saved searches in specific folders
  • Fix for potentially getting stuck downloading Hot Links
  • VoiceOver: Removed unnecessary expand button from lists
  • VoiceOver: Removed “unread” label from unread articles (but kept “read” for read articles)
  • VoiceOver: Removed double actions from feed and article list item actions

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