Fiery Feeds 2.3.10




  • Double tap article view action to trigger read later [iOS]
  • Close image view with esc key [macOS]
  • Shows account title in main window [macOS]


  • Fixed full page screenshot with native view [iOS]
  • Fixed external monitor mirroring [iOS]
  • Fixed VoiceOver selection in folder selection
  • Improved menubar handling [macOS]
  • Fixed an issue fetching the title in read later accounts
  • Closes article view after marking all read (three pane mode)
  • Fixed an issue causing iCloud feed accounts keeping too many articles on the device
  • Better YouTube rss link finding (channel / user pages)
  • Better YouTube feed handling (now shows inline video)
  • Free users are now limited to two syncing accounts
  • Changed article view mode icon to an rss icon
  • Translated save/subscribe extension names
  • Translated pre-installed mail and url actions
  • Improved Vimeo feed handling
  • Improved app translations

Native Rendering

  • Native view respects the “enlarge images if possible” setting
  • Implemented saving/restoring reading progress for native rendering
  • Displays a download button if an image was not loaded because of disabled automatic loading
  • Displays a show image button where the header image would have been
  • Fixed image alt text showing initially
  • Fixed newlines in preformatted text
  • Implemented footnote tooltips
  • Support for ordered lists
  • Improved link detection
  • Better link tooltips

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