Fiery Feeds 2.1.8




  • Expert option to disable the “displayed incorrectly” link below the text mode (you can switch the selected parser by tapping and holding the mode selection at the top)
  • The Today smart view is now called “Recent Articles”, and the number of days considered is configurable.
  • New option to download all tagged articles (TT-RSS)
  • In app article notifications are can now be disabled
  • Added Heiti SC and Heiti TC fonts


  • Fixed headers in move feed view
  • Increased the max cache size to 10000 articles
  • Fixed a possible issue syncing unread articles (TT-RSS)
  • Improved syncing speed with a large number of starred articles (Feedly)
  • Fixed status messages during sync
  • Fixed an issue calculating word counts
  • Improved chinese word counts

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