Fiery Feeds 2.0.10




  • New expert option to prevent the display from sleeping
  • New expert option to hide date and feed title in the article view
  • Now uses the extracted article text for sharing, if text mode is active
  • {content-plain} tag in custom url actions
  • Improved preview image selection
  • Untagged folder (Pocket)


  • Improved tags loading (Feedly)
  • Removed support for Feedja
  • Fixed creating new folders (Feedly)
  • Fixed on demand loading of preview images
  • Renaming a feed no longer removes it from folders (Feedly)
  • Reverted to slower, but more reliable sync (Wallabag)
  • Fixed possible authentication error (Feed Wrangler)
  • Increased number of tagged articles (Inoreader)
  • Fixed UI issues in the integrated web view
  • Fixed voice over back gesture in article list
  • No longer shows “Logged In” state after token expired (Inoreader)

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