Fiery Feeds 2.0.9




  • Improvements to the about screen
  • Added an error message if the login token has expired (Inoreader)
  • It’s now possible to change the color theme using a url scheme fiery://changeSetting?key=colorTheme&value={theme name}
  • Option to change the One Note section name (in the one note action settings)
  • Excluded the cache directory from iCloud / iTunes backups
  • New “Open Share Sheet” quick action


  • No more hyphens in code blocks
  • Better handling of network timeouts
  • Error message if a custom url action results in an invalid url
  • Fixed opening an article from the today widget, while an article is already open
  • Today widgets now shows “no articles” instead of “no accounts” if there are no unread articles
  • No longer possible to add custom url actions via url scheme, unless premium is active
  • No longer keeps downloading image when leaving wifi during sync
  • Fixed opening the article view from a feed in a folder (feed list)
  • Fixed an issue opening some links in Fiery Feed’s web view
  • Fixed an issue with the fiery://x-callback-url/subscribe url
  • Fixed an issue loging in to One Note
  • Fixed a scrolling issue in settings
  • Workaround for invalid article links
  • Privacy Policy link in settings
  • Fixed Sharing to Evernote

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