Fiery Feeds 2.0.2




  • New Copy Article sharing action
  • Return after mark read now also works on the iPad (with hidden feed list)
  • New Expert Option: Open links in article mode in Safari View. (Defaults to yes, should be disabled if you have problems with paywalled sites or cookie notices)
  • New Expert Option: Update article list after sync automatically
  • New Expert Option: Hide feed icons in the feed list
  • Added Sync account keyboard shortcut while focused on feed list


  • Disabling confirm mark all read now also prevents the mark all above or below dialogs
  • Fixed a possible crash when subscribing in a folder (Inoreader)
  • Improved handling of renewing subscriptions
  • Now scrolls to the top of the article list after updating
  • Fixed an issue where the article list toolbar would disappear
  • Fixed an issue where the feed icon would not appear when showing only the article title
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the app to freeze on a bad network connection
  • Fixed a potential crash on mark all read below
  • Fixed potential crashes during sync
  • Show Feed Icon in article list if no favicon is available
  • Improved article loading if preloading is set to 0

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