Fiery Feeds 1.4.1




  • Support for 1Password in the web view
  • Displays the progress while caching images


  • Improved Favicon search
  • Moved the feed title to the top (if enabled)
  • Increased maximum font size
  • Other minor interface improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved background refresh
  • Improved app icon (iPhone 6 Plus)
  • Improved german lokalisation
  • Displays the full date and time inside an article
  • Applys sidebar position setting immediately
  • Mark articles read on scroll: Only marks articles read while scrolling down
  • New Icons for mark all above and mark all below as read
  • Sorts feeds alphabetically within types (when sorting by type)
  • Longer timeout when refreshing on the server (Fever)


  • opening hotlinks (Fever)
  • notifications and badge icon
  • 1Password URL Action
  • VoiceOver support
  • crash on opening style options (iPhone)
  • crash on opening native sharing sheet
  • close button on modal web view
  • sort by date (Feedly)
  • scroll to top in article view
  • marking more then 1000 articles read (Feedbin)
  • standard sharing sheet not appearing correctly
  • Facebook / Twitter not always prefilling the sharing sheet correctly
  • a problem where the status would not be display in the group view
  • support for iOS’s read screen function

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