Fiery Feeds 2.9



Vertical Split View:

– See article list and article view at the same time, even on iPhones
– Option to have the article view above or below
– Option to only use it in portrait

Alternate App Icons:

– Separate rows in the icon picker for dark and light icons
– Updated News (Red Inverted) to match the other icons
– Changed the default icon to the blue news icon
– Added purple, green and red variants of all icons
– Added Wordy style of app icons

Other Changes:

– Updated drop down look
– Smaller table headers
– Fixed potential crash when web rendering
– Fixed empty view after rotating (single pane layout)
– Added option to disable analytics, crash reporting
– Fixed an issue renaming folders in local account
– Improved opening articles from widgets
– Fixed back button in empty view
– Fixed an issue with tagging in Feedly
– Improved French translations
– Improved scrolling with full width previews
– Fixed an issue with images in widgets
– Fixed an issue updating widgets
– Changed article sort defaults
– Three Pane layout can now also go full screen
– Feed settings in context menu on folders
– Dropped presets for article list
– Cleaned up main app settings list
– Blurry sidebar background in themes with sidebar mode on [macOS]
– Dropped support for single pane mode [macOS]
– Reverted to WebKit rendering as default [macOS]
– Settings view now shows current title [macOS]
– Enabled a few more animations in the app [macOS]