Vertical Split View



Thanks to @viticci‘s idea, I added a new vertical Split View on iPhone, iPad and macOS. I actually had the vertical Split View on my AppKit prototype – which went nowhere – back in the day, but I’ve completely forgotten about it since. But I’m using in the same layout, and my RSS Reader before Fiery Feeds too, so I figured I have to add this.

Additionally, I’ve dropped my custom horizontal Split View implementations, in favour of the native UISplitView, because it has since learned to support the three column view too – which is why I had to do a custom version in the first place. You may notice a slightly different behaviour in the labouring now because of this.

The switch to the native Split View was previously planned for the 3.0 redesign, but I’m thinking more and more that there might not be a 3.0 soon, or least as a much, much smaller update. Shipping changes like this in smaller updates is just so much faster.

New App Icons

Second thing in this update are new icons and a new default icon – also originally planned for 3.0. There’s now a dark and a light version of each icon, and additional versions in purple, red and green. It always felt a bit arbitrary to have the icons just in blue, orange and black.

You can download the update here.