New Widgets



After switching over to a subscription for Tidur Timers, it’s time to bring the app up to speed again. In a long overdue update, I’m bringing the new SwiftUI based widgets to Tidur Timers in version 4.5.

This new design for timers is going to come to the main app, and to the rewritten Watch App in 5.0 some time next year.

You can now add widgets for a specific timer, or simply for the next timer to finish, and you have to option (for specific timers) to restart them whenever you tap the widget.

You can also add the same two kinds of widgets to your Lock Screen now, and while they look different, they are based on the same codebase – except for the actual view, of course.

Further, the complications in the Watch App are now also rewritten from Scratch, based on the same system, which allows you to pick specific timers for your complications on your watch.