Fiery Feeds 2.9.2




  • Improved localisations
  • Updated all urls to
  • Reverted sidebar transparency [macOS]
  • Reverted the expand article view button in three columns for now
  • Removed new article account setting, in favor of the per-feed setting
  • Removed autohide feedlist setting [macOS]
  • Hiding feed and article list on smaller screen is now optional [iOS]
  • Added small logo at the bottom of settings view
  • Request explicit notification permissions


  • Fixed accounts button color in some situations
  • Article notifications when set to not display in app
  • Fixed Show Feedlist after Mark All Read setting
  • Possible empty three colmn view after resizing in Stage Manager [iOS]
  • Fixed animation on navigating back to feed list with keyboard [iOS]
  • Fixed two and three column layout in portrait and on smaller iPads [iOS]
  • Fixed next article list animation in multi column mode [iOS]
  • Fixed navbar layout in multi column mode [iOS]
  • Fixed selection button layout [macOS]