Fiery Feeds 2.9.3




  • Cleaned up add accounts view
  • Removing toolbar in bottom view in vertical split mode, if the view gets too small
  • Long press the settings icon to get directly to a list of all settings [iOS]
  • Long press cmd+opt+, to open a list of all settings [macOS]
  • Removed mac window bar buttons colors from themes [macOS]
  • Minor design changes in the theme editor


  • Fixed feed in folder push without animation [iOS]
  • Fixed navbar color in modal views in fixed themes [macOS]
  • Fixed stepper setting layout, if no info available [macOS]
  • Fixed hidding toolbar on scroll in lower view in spilt view
  • Workaround for layout issue in two pane after switching to Safari
  • Fixed issue where the feed list could be emtpty in two pane mode
  • Improved localisation