App Intents and Widgets



Fiery Feeds 2.10 brings updated widgets that allow you to read (and mark read) articles and mark interesting ones as starred to read later, right on your home screen.

Behind the new interactive widgets is a complete rewrite to replace the previous Siri Intents with the new App Intents in iOS 17.

Fiery Feeds previously had strong support of Siri Shortcuts, but I had to remove most of it for technical reasons. (In particular, keeping the SQLite file with all data in the shared container, so that the main app and Siri extension could write to it was the number one cause of crashes in the app, and I had to move the data to the main app – now with App Intents the actions can run inside the main app, and it’s once again possible to do write actions and access all data).

So in addition to the interactive widgets, I’ve improved the save article and subscribe intents, which can now assign tags and folders directly when subscribing, and added new intents, like opening specific feeds/folders/articles in the app, fetching data like feeds/folders/articles from the app or assigning tags to specific articles.

(Here a shortcut to send myself my starred articles, as an email, which runs as automation every morning, so I don’t forget to actually read them, and not just mark them for reading later)

And finally there’s a new sharing action to save articles to Readwise integrated, which can be used for Quick Sharing, without leaving the app.

The automatic update is rolling out to all users over the next week, you can download it directly here.