Fiery Feeds 2.10



Interactive Widgets

  • Updated widgets to use App Intents for configuration
  • Interactive widgets: mark read or starred on the single article widget
  • Trigger a sync from the widget, if there are no more articles
  • Single and multi account counts widgets are now available for free users
  • Added an extra large Hot Links widget

App Intents

  • Updated save/subscribe Siri actions to use App Intents
  • Predefined App Shortcuts that show up in the Shortcuts app
  • Mark Article read App Intent
  • Mark Article starred App Intent
  • Synchronize Account App Intent
  • Subscribe App Intent can now assign folders during subscribe
  • Save Article App Intent can now assign tags during saving
  • Open Article/Feeds/Folder/Tag in the app
  • Assign/Remove/Set tags on articles
  • Search/Filter for articles

Send to Readwise Action

  • You can now send articles to Readwise as a quick action
  • It uses any selected text as highlight

Other Changes

  • Now requires iOS 17
  • Added “Mark All Read” swipe gesture to article swipe options
  • Removed statusbar style from themes as this is now handled automatically by iOS
  • Searchbar in article list is now displayed in the navigationbar (if there is enough space)
  • Tweaked feed list layout [macOS]