Task Widgets



With version 1.2 Focused is starting to feel like a real, polished app. Widgets was the last feature I really needed, and while I still have a few ideas for nice to have things, I’m happy with where the app is and it’s time to move on to other projects for now.

App Intents & Widgets

First, there are now interactive widgets for the home- and lockscreen on iOS and the deskop on macOS.

Additionally you can now long press the app icon to see and quickly check off today’s tasks – the menu bar item on Mac with the same functionality was already included in 1.1.

Also, the thing that makes interactive widgets work – App Intents – means it is also possible to check off tasks using Shortcuts.app. Of course, I’ve also included intents to create new tasks, as well as an intent to fetch today’s (or any date’s) tasks.

URL Scheme

Because not every other app can integrate with Shortcuts, there’s also a simple URL scheme now to create new tasks: focused://addTask?title=[string]&note=[string]&group=[name]&canDefer=[true|false]&date=[iso8601]

Improved Task Deferring

Finally, I’ve spent some time on the deferring algorithm. Deferring all tasks now works a lot better, and keeps the order of tasks intact if possible (i.e. moves todays task to tomorrow, moves as many of tomorrow’s tasks to the next day as needed, and so forth), instead of just moving all tasks by one day, regardless of if it’s actually necessary.