Focused 1.3



Later Tasks

  • You can quickly add tasks without scheduling them yet
  • Quickly add or remove tasks from being planned with the conext menu

Task Priorities

  • You can now assign priorities to tasks
  • Lower priorities will be deferred first if needed

App Layout

  • Now uses a sidebar for navigation [macOS, iPad]
  • You can drag tasks to any item in the sidebar to quickly modify them
  • New Today view, to focus on just what needs to get done today
  • Project views let you view all open tasks in a project
  • Easier access to projects and archive
  • Cleaner planning view [iOS]


  • Added “Checkmark” App Icon
  • Swipe left/right in day/week/month views [iOS]
  • Option to show week numbers


  • Renamed task groups to projects
  • Renamed history to archive