Smart Searches



This really is a “finally” feature, and probably the last big thing missing in Fiery Feeds, I’ve been meaning to implement smart searches for a least two years, but kept putting it off, because other features (or usually bugs) always seemed more important.

But it is finally here: Smart Searches in Fiery Feeds.

You can now create searches with multiple rules, and get a folder with articles that match either at least one or all of the rules. This includes search terms in content, title or author, a specific feed or folder, published date, article length and article feed posting frequency.

(There’s really not that much to say about it, I’ve you’ve seen Smart Playlists in iTunes, you know how this works)

I’m going to extend the available fields as needed in coming updates, as well as adding the option for subgroups of rules with their own all/any setting – this is already implemented in the data layer, but the UI is still missing.

Also planned is an option to auto-mark articles read based on a set of rules for each account. Also removing/replacing most of the existing Smart Views with pre-defined searches. Just a few of the planned features, that needed Smart Searches done, before I can implement them.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy Smart Searches are finally in Fiery Feeds.