Text Extraction in Fiery Feeds



Fiery Feeds Text Mode

Fiery Feeds 1.7 introduced the three article view modes Article, Web and Text. Where Article displays the article as contained in the RSS feed [note]this was the only option before 1.7[/note] and Web simply displays the linked website directly in the article view, the Text mode is a little more complicated.

There are three providers for Fiery Feed’s text mode. First there is readability, which uses Readability publicly available mobiliser [note]www.readability.com/m?url={url}[/note] and might break whenever Readability changes their output or ends support for it [note]as Instapaper did in 2015[/note].

The other two options are “Formatted” and “Text Only”. Both are open source scripts running on a server provided by Fiery Feeds [note]I’m using Graby for Formatted and Boilerpipe for Text only, for those interested[/note]. The Text Only more can parse articles more reliably, but does not include any images or other elements like lists.

The thing with providing a service like this is that a server costs money every month, while selling the app brings in revenue just once. That is why Fiery Feeds now also includes the option to become a patron and support both the ongoing development and my ability to provide services like text extraction. [note]Text Extraction in Fiery Feeds is currently available to everyone, but depending on server load and number of patron I might have to restrict it to patrons.[/note].

If you enjoy Fiery Feeds, please do become a patron. Thank you.