Dozzzer User Guide

Dozzzer User Guide

Playback Modes

Soundscapes Mode

In Soundscapes Mode, you can select one of many dynamic soundscapes included in Dozzzer. Two different random soundscapes are unlocked every day, to unlock the other you have to subscribe to Dozzzer Plus.

You can add or remove soundscapes from your favourites using the star button on the right side.

External Mode

In External Mode Dozzzer reduces the system volume without playing anything itself. You can you any other app to play music, podcasts or audiobooks. It uses multiple techniques to stop playback in the other app, which works best with Apple’s music or podcast apps, or if Dozzzer is running in foreground.

Music + Files Mode

Music Mode plays music from your music library right inside Dozzzer. Dozzzer can regulate the music volume directly without changing the system volume. However this works only for DRM-free, downloaded tracks and not for Apple Music streaming, since Dozzzer cannot decrypt DRM protected music.

Apple Music

Since Dozzzer cannot play DRM protected music, please use the external mode and Apple’s music app to play Apple Music tracks. This works even when Dozzzer runs in the background.

Home & Lock Screen Widgets

You can add widgets to your home or lock screen. They use a random soundscape by default, and a pre-set duration of 30 minutes, to start playback immediately.

You can change this for both the home and Lock Screen widgets by editing them, which allows you to pick a specific soundscape and duration that should be started when you tap the widget.

Bedtime Reminder

Dozzzer can send you bedtime reminder notifications. You can pick the days and the time when you want to receive them, as well as a specific soundscape you want to start when you open the notification.

URL Schemes

External Mode

There are a couple of URL schemes to quickly launch Dozzzer to the three different mode


You can adjust the duration when launching to all three modes


For soundscapes there is a second required parameters, which is not localised unfortunately. The soundscape ID is generally the full English, not localised, name for each soundscape.