Focused User Guide

Focused User Guide

Focused is a very different kind of todo list. It’s not for each and everyone of your tasks, nor is it intended to handle everything. Instead it’s meant to let you create a rough outline over the next few weeks, without scheduling too much for any day.

App Views

Focused offers a Today, Week, List and Month view to plan out your tasks. The today, week and list views are available on all devices, the month view only on Mac and iPad.

The month view gives you a overview over the whole month and lets you rearrange your tasks with drag and drop.

There are three different list views to show your tasks.

  • Today: Shows your overdue tasks and all tasks scheduled for today
  • Week: Shows all days of the current week, and lets you add tasks to empty days
  • List: Shows all your upcoming tasks per day, but hides empty days to avoid cluttering the list

Task Groups

Task Groups are the different areas of your tasks. You can each task to one task group, each group has a title and a color, which is used to highlight the task in the month and list views.

On the Mac there’s a separate window to manage your task groups. Right click any group to delete it.

On iOS you can open the screen to manage them in settings.

URL Scheme

You can directly add a new task with the following URLs:


The x-callback scheme is also supported:


Alternatively you can open the Add Task view, with any fields pre-filled using the following URL: