Tidur Timers

Tidur Timers

Multiple timers, everywhere.

Multiple Timers

Set up multiple timers for whatever you need and start them whenever you want. You can run multiple timers at the same time.

Repeating Timers

You can choose how often a timer should repeat and how long of a pause should be between each repetition. Ideal for workouts.

Live Activities & Widgets

You can see your currently running timers right on your lock screen. And you can add Home Screen and Lock Screen widgets for specific timers or the next timer to finish.

Standalone Watch App

Tidur includes a modern, standalone Apple Watch app, with all the features of the big apps.

Mac Included

Also runs natively on Mac, with an adjusted interface to feel right at home.

Alert Sounds

Two handpicked alert sounds are included, and an additional 13 sounds are available.

iCloud Sync

Tidur can sync your timers across all your devices automatically.


Tidur Pro is valid on your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac.

Spotlight Search

You search for, and start a timer right from Spotlight.

Siri Support

You can start and edit timers using Siri Shortcuts, and you can trigger them with Phrases in Siri

App Intents

You can start and edit timers using the Shortcuts.app and trigger them automatically.

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