• Focused 1.3.2


    • Reverted to large title on phones [iOS]
    • Added a button to reset the local data, in case of iCloud sync errors
    • CMD+N opens a pre-filled add view, based on the list [macOS]
    • The plus button now uses the current list to prefill some details [iOS]
    • List sort order is now stored per-list
    • Task in menubar are now sorted just like in the today view [macOS]
    • Separate options for app badge count overdue | today | anytime


    • Anytime property in App Intents
    • Priority property in App Intents
    • Fixed projects list window [macOS]
    • Fixed deferring anytime tasks
    • Improved sidebar selection
  • Focused 1.3.1


    • Added “No Project” in sidebar project list
    • Priorities can be assigned in the context menu
    • Dropped “Planned” from later tasks context menu, but next day/next available day works for scheduling
    • You now can unassign projects from tasks in context menu and edit view
    • Shows list sorting option on main view as well [macOS]
    • Added counts to the today entry in sidebar
    • Shows a more detailed errors in the iCloud sync status page
    • Context menu to edit or delete projects in sidebar
    • Priorities are now hidden in done tasks


    • Too large top view in split mode [iOS]
    • CMD+N triggers new task, not new project
    • Preselected project when adding a task in a project
    • Fixed an issue with sorting tasks in lists
  • Focused 1.3

    Later Tasks

    • You can quickly add tasks without scheduling them yet
    • Quickly add or remove tasks from being planned with the conext menu

    Task Priorities

    • You can now assign priorities to tasks
    • Lower priorities will be deferred first if needed

    App Layout

    • Now uses a sidebar for navigation [macOS, iPad]
    • You can drag tasks to any item in the sidebar to quickly modify them
    • New Today view, to focus on just what needs to get done today
    • Project views let you view all open tasks in a project
    • Easier access to projects and archive
    • Cleaner planning view [iOS]


    • Added “Checkmark” App Icon
    • Swipe left/right in day/week/month views [iOS]
    • Option to show week numbers


    • Renamed task groups to projects
    • Renamed history to archive
  • Focused 1.2.5


    • Updates badge and shortcuts on app launch
    • Improved clean up logic to better keep the order of tasks
  • Focused 1.2.3


    • Defer all and clean up no longer defers already completed tasks
    • No longer shows defer options in context menu for completed tasks
    • Completed tasks no longer count towards the task limit


    • Initial Settings split view width
    • Fixed cut off footer titles in settings
    • Allowed days update immediately after changing
    • Small layout improvements for widgets
    • Widgets updating more reliably
  • Focused 1.2.2


    • Less padding in small widget


    • Possible hang when deferring tasks
    • Fixed a potential crash during deferring
  • Focused 1.2.1


    • When defering an overdue task to the next day, it defers to tomorrow
    • Added “History” window [macOS]
    • Smaller syncing indicator [macOS]
    • Compact date picker in edit task view [macOS]
    • Cleaned up settings view


    • Improved widgets layout
    • Fixed widgets not unlocking with pro
    • Full “New Task” field is now clickable
    • Fixed layout in history view
    • Automatically updates lists on midnight
    • Fixed weekday picker [macOS]
  • Focused 1.2

    App Intents

    • Add new tasks from Shortcuts
    • Check tasks for specific dates in Shortcuts


    • Homescreen Widget to show today’s tasks [iOS]
    • Desktop Widget to show today’s tasks [macOS]
    • Lockscreen Widget to show today’s progress [iOS]
    • Lockscreen Widget to quickly add a new task [iOS]

    URL Scheme

    • Quickly add tasks with focused://addTask?title=[string]&note=[string]&group=[name]&canDefer=[true|false]&date=[iso8601]
    • Quickly open the add task view with focused://showAddTask
    • Also supports the x-callback-url scheme, naturally

    Improved Task Deferring

    • Added option to keep certain weekdays free of tasks
    • Improved task deferal logic – they now stay in the same order if possible
    • Added option to clean up tasks – any tasks manually scheduled above the daily limit are defered
    • Added option to either defer to the next available day, or to the next day (and defer tasks there if needed)

    App Icon

    • Show Today’s or overdue tasks as app icon badge number
    • Long press the app icon to see today’s tasks [iOS]
    • Long press the app icon to quickly add a new task [iOS]


    • Improved lists in dark mode [iOS]
    • Fixed deferring tasks automatically, even if turned off
    • Improved phone landscape layouts [iOS]
    • Consistent mode picker on all sizes
    • Improved localisation
  • Focused 1.1.1


    • Added left/down/right arrow keyboard shortcuts to navigate
    • Dropped the new window command – there’s an option in
    • Added a minimum window height for month view [macOS]
    • Day View uses today as title if approriate
    • Minor layout adjustments


    • Issue where day tasks would not be updated correctly after picking a new date [iOS]
    • Fixed picking a task group when editing a task [macOS]
    • Saving in add/edit task view [macOS]
  • Focused 1.1

    Menubar Support

    • See todays tasks in the menubar [macOS]
    • Check or uncheck them directly there [macOS]

    Month View

    • Month view is now available on iPhone as well [iOS]
    • Long press today button to get a date picker [iOS]
    • General layout improvements

    Week View

    • Long press today button to get a date picker [iOS]
    • Drag and drop reorder now possible
    • Added next/previous week buttons
    • General layout improvements

    Day View

    • Long press today button to get a date picker [iOS]
    • Drag and drop reorder now possible
    • Added next/previous day buttons
    • General layout improvements

    List View

    • Drag and drop reorder now possible
    • General layout improvements


    • Improved Task Groups window [macOS]
    • Improved Cloud Status Window [macOS]
    • Improved New Task View layout [macOS]
    • New Task view opens in separate window [macOS]
  • Focused 1.0.2


    • Minor layout changes in settings
    • Haptic feedback on checking off items [iOS]


    • Unlocking Focused Pro no works correctly [macOS]
    • Past and full days no longer accepting task drops
  • Focused 1.0.1


    • Task Groups are now sorted by color
    • Slightly reduced task background color
    • Added support section with changelog, userguide and review link to settings [iOS]
    • Added support section with changelog, userguide and review link to help menu [macOS]
    • Added support section with email, twitter and mastodon to help menu [macOS]


    • Entire color entry in task group views is now clickable
    • Entire task in task llists is now clickable
    • Fixed defer all tasks menubar entry [macOS]
    • Fixed double entries for cloud status, task groups in menubar [macOS]
    • Fixed month headers layout
    • Fixed back button going back two months
    • Fixed months ending on sunday showing an additional week in month view