• Fiery Feeds 2.9.1


    • Less movement with preview images above/below articles
    • Fixed folder settings not being set properly
    • Fixed issue with getting stuck in vertical split view, on iPads, in portrait [iOS]
    • Allow new 3 column layout also in portrait, but default to the old 2 column for portrait [iOS]
    • Changed the app icon on the About screen to the new default
    • Match title font weight with system [macOS]
  • Fiery Feeds 2.9

    Vertical Split View:

    – See article list and article view at the same time, even on iPhones
    – Option to have the article view above or below
    – Option to only use it in portrait

    Alternate App Icons:

    – Separate rows in the icon picker for dark and light icons
    – Updated News (Red Inverted) to match the other icons
    – Changed the default icon to the blue news icon
    – Added purple, green and red variants of all icons
    – Added Wordy style of app icons

    Other Changes:

    – Updated drop down look
    – Smaller table headers
    – Fixed potential crash when web rendering
    – Fixed empty view after rotating (single pane layout)
    – Added option to disable analytics, crash reporting
    – Fixed an issue renaming folders in local account
    – Improved opening articles from widgets
    – Fixed back button in empty view
    – Fixed an issue with tagging in Feedly
    – Improved French translations
    – Improved scrolling with full width previews
    – Fixed an issue with images in widgets
    – Fixed an issue updating widgets
    – Changed article sort defaults
    – Three Pane layout can now also go full screen
    – Feed settings in context menu on folders
    – Dropped presets for article list
    – Cleaned up main app settings list
    – Blurry sidebar background in themes with sidebar mode on [macOS]
    – Dropped support for single pane mode [macOS]
    – Reverted to WebKit rendering as default [macOS]
    – Settings view now shows current title [macOS]
    – Enabled a few more animations in the app [macOS]

  • Fiery Feeds 2.8.5


    • Potential crashes
    • Improved caching images
    • Fixed issue with scroll performance
    • Fixed issue in german translations
    • Fixed text parser selection in feed settings
  • Fiery Feeds 2.8.4


    • Added “Default Mixed” theme
    • Improved French translation


    • Potential crashes
    • Page up/down now scrolls the right most filled pane
    • Improved downloading of preview images
    • Fixed Fresh feed in TTRSS
    • Fixed FreshRSS HTTP authentification
    • Tweaked included themes
    • Improved Feedly sync
  • Fiery Feeds 2.8.3


    • Syncing articles with only summary, but no content with Feedly
    • Save button in settings behaviour when adding account after the first
    • Potential fix for feed list not being updated after sync on launch
  • Fiery Feeds 2.8.2


    • Fixed a potential crash
    • FreshRSS server URL is now also accepted if it includes api/greader.php
    • Fixed an issues causing exceptions during sync (Feedly)
    • Analyzes Hot Links on first sync with newly added accounts
    • Much improved NextCloud News syncing
  • Fiery Feeds 2.8.1


    • Fixed crash on loading images
    • Fixed crash in Hot Links list
    • Fixed some layout issues
    • Fixed “Loading…” labels
    • Fixed an issue loading preview images
    • Improved article list performance with preview images above or below
    • Improved Inoreader sync performance
    • Fixed incorrect widget colors
  • Fiery Feeds 2.8

    Per Feed Settings

    • Option to disable preview images per feed
    • Option to disable article notifications per feed
    • Option to keep only the last number of articles unread per feed
    • Automatically mark older articles as read
    • Per feed number of preview lines
    • Per feed number of title lines
    • Can be applied to all feeds within a folder at once
    • Disable caching text or images per feed
    • Option to exclude feed from smart folders
    • Option to hide feeds from everywhere expect searches and hot links
    • Username/password for protected feeds (iCloud and local feeds)

    Per Folder Settings

    • You can set a different article sort order for specific folders
    • Option to hide the unread count on specific folders

    Sync Improvements

    • Saved articles are now sorted by domain in a special folder (Feedbin)
    • Better handling of articles from unsubscribed feeds (Inoreader, Feedly)
    • Added support for feed management (FreshRSS)
    • Added support for tagged articles (FreshRSS)
    • Uncategorized feeds are now displayed top level (FreshRSS)
    • Fixed issue with feeds not in the main feed (FreshRSS)
    • Switched to API token for authentification (Pinboard)
    • Added support for moving feeds (NewsBlur)
    • Loading preview images from server (NewsBlur)

    Other Changes

    • Added setting for line height in article list
    • New small top button in context menus [iOS 16+]
    • Selections in settings now use standard menus [iOS]
    • New Hidden Feeds smart folder for all feed accounts
    • Exporting account settings now includes saved searches
    • Fixed issue where it may have been possible to select multiple folders for a feed, despite the service not supporting it
    • Updated presentation style for article style, article sorting and accounts list
    • Must read smart folder now uses the localized name, in addition to “must read”
    • Fixed opening the wrong article in a new window
    • Moved new account option to app settings
    • Added a button to nuke iCloud accounts
    • Updated export settings view
  • Fiery Feeds 2.7.9

    – Fixed potential crashes
    – Line height defaults to 1.0 now
    – Removed note about mobile password from BazQux login screen
    – Added fallback logic for expired auth tokens in share extension (Wallabag, The Old Reader, Feedly)
    – Fixed wrong “no articles” in widgets

  • Fiery Feeds 2.7.8


    • Added article filters to article list toolbar by default


    • Widgets sometime displaying upgrade to pro incorrectly
    • Fixed potential for changes to getting stuck pushing to server (NextCloud)
    • Fixed missing translations in account settings
    • Fixed issue with mark all read / load more button
    • Fixed window position restoration [macOS]
  • Fiery Feeds 2.7.7


    • Dark mode resetting after relaunch (follow system disabled)
    • Fixed a case of empty preview images if load images on demand was disabled
    • Fixed a case of empty preview images if downloading the image failed
    • Increased the network timeout when loading preview images on demand
  • Fiery Feeds 2.7.6


    • Added arabic interface language
    • Uncategorized Feeds are now displayed at top level (Feedly)


    • Improved translations
    • Translated more strings
    • Theme handling when manually toggling dark theme is enabled, but follow system is disabled
    • Manually toggle theme menu entry now disabled, if not avaiable [macOS]
    • Manually toggling dark mode now applies to all open windows [macOS]
    • Fixed an issue with preview images when “download on demand” was disabled
    • Fixed feed selection in edit folder view
    • Fixed issue with mark all read / load more button
    • Improved loading of preview images
    • Fixed searchbar layout issues